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World Top 5 Minecraft player

Build Battles on Minecraft

Saturday, July 30, 2022 at 11:00am EDT

In this tournament styled event, JeromeASF conducts a three-part session where he first shortlists the top 100 Minecraft players from the Summer Camp, to participate in a build battle live in front of 100K+ kids. The top players get to talk live with JeromeASF as he teaches kids the secrets to win the Build Battles.

About Jerome: Jerome Aceti, or JeromeASF as he is known online, has 5.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel currently and is growing rapidly. Aceti has worked closely with major brands including Microsoft, Geico, Sony, Intel, Totino's, 7-Eleven and more. Aceti is a co-founder of one of the top 10 Minecraft servers worldwide, is a frequent live-streamer and is ranked as a Top 150 Twitch streamer.

Jun 17-18
11:00am EDT
Author, Psychologist, Speaker
Learn how to make and keep friends and build confidence
July 09
11:00am EDT
Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion
Build curiosity with Zaila
July 09
11:30am EDT
Stanford University Professor
Strategies for getting better at Math this summer
July 16
11:00am EDT
Retired U.S. Special Forces
Survival training for kids
July 23
11:00am EDT
Founder of Nas Daily
Storytelling and content creation workshop for kids



Aug 06
11:00am EDT
AI Robot
A science class- from a real AI robot
Aug 13
11:00am EDT
Astrophysicist, Host of StarTalk
Cosmic campfire for kids
Aug 20
11:00am EDT
Winner, MasterChef Junior
Learn to make 3 simple summer recipes (and NFTs!)
Aug 27
11:00am EDT
Co-founder, BYJU'S
CEO for a Day


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